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- a spiritual philosophy based on ancestral principles for a life of harmony -
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The Way of Aloha is one of honor, connection, and reciprocal relationship with all that is, beginning with the Self.

This 'ike ku'una (ancestral wisdom), though expressed from the lens of Hawaiian principles, is fundamentally human and universally applicable for all people, cultures, and walks of life.

When embodied in lifestyle, The Way of Aloha can bring significant changes to how you relate to the totality of human existence. All relationships become renewed and deeper purpose is realized through living, giving, and being a person of Aloha.

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what are the three piko?

he aha na

piko 'ekolu?

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In Hawaiian spiritual philosophy, every existing organism contains both (masculine) & Hina (feminine) aspects. 

Kū and Hina are principle deities in 

Ho'omana Hawai'i and are attributed 

to the principle roles of kāne & wāhine

in Hawaiian society. 

These aspects exist to maintain pono (balance) in our internal and external eco-systems.

Kū a Hina

 Piko 'Ī 

also known as the Piko Po'o is the mana center that connects us to Akua (Source), 'Aumākua (Our highest self / guardian spirits), & nā Kūpuna (the ancestors)

 Piko 'Ō 

also known as the Piko Waena is the mana center that connects us to the past, our ancestral lineage, and our nā'au (intuitive center / first brain).

 Piko 'Ā 

also known as the Piko Ma'i, is the mana center that connects us to 'āina (the land), the future & our abilities to create.

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Unity & Harmony

Balance & Alignment

The Lõkahi Wheel is a diagram used to symbolize the major components in the 

health & vitality (MAULI OLA) of a kanaka. Our mana becomes fully aligned and harmonious when our kino (physical), na'au (emotional), 'uhane (spiritual), & mana'o (mental) are operating in lõkahi.


To add, the relationships with our 'ohana & the clarity of our kuleana (purpose) maintains and amplifies the vitality we have to thrive & contribute to our people & land.

From the Hawaiian perspective, if you are a well-balanced kanaka, it is due to the harmonious relationship of these 6 factors in your life. Once these are in Lokahi, then you live in a state of Pono (alignment) with all that exists. Yet, if you experience a life of struggle and suffering, you can find the main cause within the disharmony of one or more of these intrinsic factors.



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 the sacred principle 

"The world will come to Hawai'i in its search for world peace, because    Hawai'i has the key  & that key is    ALOHA "

- Kumu Pilahi Paki

Aloha is much more than a "hello" and "goodbye" as it is commonly known. Aloha, in fact, is a superior spiritual principle that unifies & harmonizes all things through reciprocal relationship based on divine love. Simply put, Aloha is the existence of compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance, and the beauty that flows from the pu'uwai (heart center). Aloha, containing both Kū & Hina attributes, is the mana (energy/vibration) that exists to further the harmonious connection that we, as humans, have with our environment, 'ohana, and all that we hold dear to our hearts. Aloha, as a state of consciousness, allows us to live in a world where love, unity, respect, and honor is embodied and shared with all.


Aloha 'Āina

 to love & honor the land 

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"he ali'i ka 'āina, he kauwā ke kanaka"

the land is chief, the people its servants

Aloha 'Āina is our first principle in The Way of Aloha. In the Hawaiian proverb above, it distinctly describes the relationship between mankind and earth through the Hawaiian worldview. Living Aloha 'Āina therefore means that we, as humans, have the noble responsibility of honoring, stewarding, and caring for our land, our place. 

In Hawai'i, Aloha 'Āina is a fundamental way of preserving our natural environment that derives from our genealogical connection as kanaka to the earth. Described in the poetic origin story of Hawai'i, where Wākea (Sky Father) and Papa (Earth Mother) birth Ho'ohōkūkalani (Star Mother), who then gives life to the first kanaka (Hāloa), it is shown that us as a people have our direct lineage tied to the earth, the heavens, and the stars. 

Humans, no matter where we originate from, have a direct ancestral connection to place. The land, the rivers, oceans, mountains, and other environmental factors all play a role in the symbiotic relationship (ALOHA) that will prosper ourselves & future generations.

Aloha Akua

  to love & honor Spirit / Creator  

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"e ola au i ke akua"

May i live by Spirit

Aloha Akua is our second principle of The Way of Aloha. Akua, meaning god, deity or something of divine nature, is in this context, the all pervasive Source of all life. As kanaka, our connecting point to the Akua, is through our Piko 'Ī, our spiritual antenna that connects us to the spirit realm (ka lani) & the realm of the ancestors (pō) 

In the spiritual history of Hawai'i exists both monotheistic (One God) & polytheistic (many gods) practices as much of our global religious cultures. In The Way of Aloha, we acknowledge the existence of both the One ('Ī) and the many (nā kini akua), for the many is expressed in the One and the One is manifested in the many. 

Aloha Akua, as a principle, reminds us that our connection to Spirit (within / without) is paramount for our overall health & vitality as kanaka. As a matter of fact, our spiritual life dictates all other facets of our existence, for Spirit lives in all. Therefore, we shall live and share the Aloha that Akua shares with us. We are one of the great manifestations of God on earth.


Aloha Kanaka

  to love & honor one another  

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"ua kuluma ke kanaka i ke aloha"

it is natural for man to exist in a loving way

Aloha Kanaka is our third principle in The Way of Aloha. In a universe that depends on harmonious relationship, Aloha Kanaka reminds us to value the relationships we have with one another. This principle, connected to the Piko 'Ō or Piko Waena, located at the umblical, also connects us to our 'ohana (family of past, present, & future)

Our na'au (the seat of intuition / the gut) in Hawaiian thought, is the first brain that we think and feel with. It is known in Hawaiian culture that our na'au is where our kūpuna (ancestors) speak to us. It is the knowing that guides us in decision making, relationships, and the navigation of life. Therefore, we must listen & allow our na'au to guide our steps. 

As we live this principle, we are reminded "aloha ke kahi i ke kahi" (love one another), for love is our natural state of being. When we live in Aloha for ourselves & one another, we co-create the environment needed for one another (all) to flourish.

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