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Ke Ala Pili
Path to Connection


Welcome to an ancestrally rooted Sacred Medicinal Experience

located on O'ahu, Hawaiian Kingdom

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What is Ke Ala Pili?

  • Ke Ala Pili is a one-day conscious plant teacher group ceremony

  • Ke Ala Pili is a safe container for deeper self-discovery through ancestral principles & universal spiritual practices.

  • Ke Ala Pili focuses on connecting humans to their hearts and reinstating a depth of connection to land, spirit, and human relationship.

  • Ke Ala Pili is a transformational medicinal journey where participants have experienced life shifting revelations of purpose, identity, and visions.

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Who is Ke Ala Pili for?

  • Ke Ala Pili is perfect for people just beginning to explore the sacred powers of plant medicine. 

  • Ke Ala Pili is for those people struggling on their life path and looking for deeper significance on their journey. 

  • Ke Ala Pili provides a safe place for people in transition into a new stage of their lives. 

  • Ke Ala Pili is for people facing challenges in their relationship with themselves as well as others.

  • Ke Ala Pili is a place to heal generational trauma, spiritual challenges, and mental bondages.

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  • What medicinals are used in Ke Ala Pili?
    In Ke Ala Pili, there are an array of plant medicinals to prepare the body for a transcendental experience. These medicinals are mostly indigenous to Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands with the main medicinal grows throughout all the earth, fungi. The full disclosure of this medicinal list is given once reservation is booked & NDA is signed.
  • Are any of the medicinals psychedelic?
    In Ke Ala Pili, our protocol is established to ensure the highest efficacy in your transformation journey. The main fungi medicinal called "la'au akua" in Hawaiian is psychoactive, yet at the intentional dosing amount, your experience will be deeper within the body, spirit, and heart center.
  • What if I have a bad experience on the medicinal journey?
    Ke Ala Pili is masterfully facilitated by skilled ceremonialists and trained space holders. We ensure that the container is safe for all people, and that all people receive the appropriate medicinal dosage they need to have a safe, yet profound experience. What people call a "bad trip" is usually do to a lack of proper preparation and intaking medicinals in a non-ideal environment. With completing the fundamental protocol that is required to have the best journey possible, you can trust in your deepest intuition and our team to guide you into the depths of your heart.
  • What does the preparation for Ke Ala Pili look like?
    For all attendees, there is a cleanse that is required for maximizing the experience itself. This kapu cleanse is 5-7 days of clearing stagnant energies within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic facets of the human being. This is to ensure that your vessel is as clean and clear as possible for the divine light to come through to you.
  • Where does Ke Ala Pili take place on O'ahu?
    Ke Ala Pili takes place directly in the land. The location of Ke Ala Pili is given a few days before the experience.


Awakened Aloha does not claim any medical benefits with Ke Ala Pili experience. We release any claim that our 

sacred medicinals will bring about transformation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. We encourage and 

recommend all participants to consult with their physician or medical providers before deciding to 

partake in this experience. All liability & potential mishaps fall on the responsibility of the participant. 

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