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Mauli Ola Cleanse

of Mauli Ola Cleanse

ola mana

energy & vitality

Experience a rejuvenation in your energy levels. Through this intentional cleanse, you can experience elevated levels of vital life force that unblocks stagnant energy, promotes cellular detoxification, and activates higher states of vibration.

ola mana'o

consciousness & awareness

Experience new levels of clarity and self-discipline. Within this cleanse, your mind will have an opportunity to be directed into healthy behaviors and habits, while also promoting new mind, body, spirit connection that removes confusion of your life purpose.

ola na'au

emotional balance

Experience more happiness, fulfillment, and contentment. Through the mauli ola cleanse, your gut health will improve promoting a more stable environment for the vital human chemicals to be sustained, therefore more joy, laughter, and emotional stability can be embodied.

ola kino

wellness & performance

Experience new levels of wellbeing and total body performance. A full cleanse of mind, body, and spirit brings forth a new connection to your physiology. When cleansed, the physical body becomes more sensitized and open to its fullest potential of experiencing life free of limitations. 

See what others like you are saying

"The mauli ola cleanse truly helped me to feel greater energy. It was as if my body and mind was liberated from blockages. And the medicinals taste amazing!"

Ashley M

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Select the dates that align

Kekemapa '21

Dec 04 - Dec 18 2021

This cleanse date is great for those who would like to CLEANSE after the Thanksgiving feast as well as prepare for the ending of the year. 

Kekemapa '21

Dec 18 - Jan 02 2022

This cleanse date is great for those who want to have a partial cleanse before Christmas, have a conscious Christmas meal, and right back on their cleanse following the holiday.

Ianuali '22

Jan 16 -  Feb 01 2022

Have a new years resolution to lose weight and refocus your energies? This is the mauli ola cleanse to journey on.

Pepeluali '22

Feb 15 - Mar 02 2022

Preparing for spring and ready to birth new life into your body, this is the cleanse date and phase for you. 

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