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Be the Change

Learn The Way of Aloha

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ke ala nu'ukia

- Our Mission -

to inspire a world where ALOHA is the 

heartbeat of humanity by unifying people & perpetuating culture.


meet the

Elijah Kala & Jazmin Yong McShane are individual practitioners, based out of O'ahu, Hawai'i, specializing in divine living for both the masculine and feminine bodied.

As a dynamic couple rooted in ancestral connection, culture, and the sacred work of healing, Eljiah and Jaz bring a unique power to the realms of self-mastery, universal balance, and steward leadership within their facilitating dynamic.  


As living embodiments of ancestral reclamation, these Beings share the sacred wisdom of the ancestors with their communities to maintain the unified effort of healing humanity through ALOHA, de-colonization systems, and universal principles common to all cultures.

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Welcome to Our Awakened Aloha 'Ohana


"Awakened Aloha's work has propelled me into such profound

connection to myself, the land, Spirit, and the ancestors. My purpose has been made clear, my heart has gone through great healing, and I am prepared for what my destiny is. Infinite Gratitude"

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