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In this Awakened Aloha Article, you will learn 4 Easy-To-Learn Resources FOR BEGINNERS to grow in your Hawaiian Language in 2023. #MahinaOleloHawaii

"i ka olelo no ke ola, i ka olelo no ka make" - in the language is life, in the language is death

Why Should You Learn 'Olelo Hawai'i (Hawaiian Language)

Are inspired to learn Hawaiian language? Are you inspired by the mana that 'olelo Hawai'i carries?

If you are, then not only will this article benefit you but you will be even more inspired to know that the gift of Hawaiian language is the no'ono'o Hawai'i, or Hawaiian thought.

The Powers "that be" have tried to convince the people of Hawai'i for generations that our language is "not useful", "not proper", or "not of the future." That our language is not equal to that of 'Olelo Haole (English), and the application of our 'olelo will never have its own influence in the modern world.

Not to our surprise, 'olelo Hawai'i has lived by our resilience, passion, and devotion to the preservation of our way of life and cultural philosophy as a people.

Learning Hawaiian language not only will inspire you to expand your awareness and connection to Hawaiian culture, but will access you to a completely new worldview that is inherently Hawaiian. Therefore, the way of life and culture of Hawai'i cannot be fully understood when our perspective is not centered around 'Olelo Makuahine (The Mother Tongue).

In our efforts to revitalize 'Olelo Hawai'i within the islands and around the world, we know that your life will not only be elevated in learning this ancient language, but your mind will be immersed in a spiritual philosophy that brings transformation to your human experience.

These 4 resources will help a COMPLETE BEGINNER to begin learning the Hawaiian Language... E HELE MAI I KE KULA! (Come into the school)


Resource #1 - DUOLINGO

Duolingo is a platform that anyone can utilize to learn any language on the go. Since Duolingo has added Hawaiian language to its featured languages about 1-2 years ago, it has never been easier to learn a few Hawaiian words, phrases, and ways to engage with others speaking the language.


Resource #2 - Olelo Online

Kumu Kaliko is a British transplant that loves to share and teach 'olelo Hawai'i in a relatable and engaging way. His teaching style is displayed through his online courses and with a fun way of sharing the language, you can learn simple words, sentence structures, and the tone of Hawaiian language on your time and at your own pace for an affordable tuition fee.

"ma ka hana ka 'ike" – in the doing there is wisdom

you gain knowledge and wisdom in action

Resource #3 - Halau 'Olelo

Halau 'Olelo is an online language community that is based out of New York City. This Hawaiian cultural organization under the direction of their amazing Kumu (teacher) has been revitalizing Hawaiian language for the Hawaiian diaspora as well as many students of Hawaiian culture that are not maoli (indigenous) in heritage. This halau (school) has been fulfilling its kuleana (responsibility) since 2014 of perpetuating Hawaiian language on the continental US.


Resource #4 - Kumu Kui!

Kumu Kui is a Hawaiian Language Tiktok Influencer who is a great #EDUTAINER and valuable resource for people looking to learn 'Olelo Hawai'i. His video content have attracted engagement from viewers around the world, and with his unique style of comedy skits, he brings 'Olelo to life.

I highly encourage engaging with his content and exploring the learning resources that he has available via his social media platforms.


Never Forget this...

It is never too late to learn 'olelo Hawai'i. If you are kanaka maoli, non-kanaka with Hawai'i ties, or a person who has a passion for Hawaiian culture, history, and stories, making 'Olelo Hawai'i a normalcy in your household can become a reality.

As a Hawaiian, I wasn't raised in a household that was immersed in Hawaiian language. I was never exposed to the art of 'Olelo Hawai'i and the mana that came with speaking our Mother Tongue. Yet, as an adult, I have made the decision to grow in my 'olelo and to speak the language of my ancestors. Today, I am hopeful that in my work, intention, and passion for language, I can raise my children and inspire a generation of my 'ohana to once again utilize 'Olelo Hawai'i as the main language in our home.

I know that you can do the same.

me ke aloha o ka 'olelo tutu,

Elijah Kala McShane

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