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Awakened Aloha Healing Arts

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Meet the Founders
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"the spirit of aloha can transform humanity"
the inspiration of Awakened Aloha

            Awakened Aloha was birthed by the divine calling of 'Io (source) to bring forth the transformative power of aloha for the people of Hawai'i. Allow us to share with you a mo'olelo (story) about the inspiration of our work.

            Growing up in Hawai'i, Elijah recognized the blessings and benefits that living a life based on foundational Hawaiian principles can bring. The spirit of aloha, when embodied fully, can bring forth pomaika'i (blessings), pono (balance/righteousness), and mauli ola (total life and vitality). In living this aloha-based lifestyle, we as a people can create a world that is more maluhia (peaceful), lokahi (harmonious), and 'ohana (family) oriented. In other words, the spirit of aloha can transform humanity.

"aloha is the spirit of the land, people, and culture of Hawai'i"
understanding history & context

            For multiple centuries, the people of Hawai'i have endured turbulent changes in social structure, spiritual and cultural practice, and the total experience of what it means to be a kanaka 'oiwi (aboriginal Hawaiian). From before the arrival of the Tahitian settlers around 1000 A.D through the vast changes that Christianity and Western society brought in the 19th century, until present day, these changes have shaped a diverse, resilient, and adaptable people that continue to take pride in the Lahui Hawai'i (Hawaiian Nation). 

           Through the centuries of change, our people thrived against all odds that were presented to rebirth ourselves and our ancestral culture. Nevertheless, we still face similar challenges today that our people have faced a century ago. Amongst these challenges, our spiritual foundation as a collective nation had been compromised by the full adoption of a western religious and social system. Today, we honor the decisions and leadership vision of our ancestors, yet we choose to recognize what changes need to be revisited and renewed for our modern day health and prosperity as a people. 

           As we journey forward into this mo'olelo, we invite you to remain open, receptive, and grounded in the spirit of aloha. For aloha is the spirit of the land, people, and culture of Hawai'i. Awakened Aloha is here to share the 'ike (wisdom) and mana (spiritual power) that exists within the thousands of generations of kanaka that existed in Hawai'i, and the many lessons that live within the history of our ancient and modern ancestors. 

" 'Io was the supreme, omnipotent, all encompassing God of the Mu"
the manahuna & ancient spiritual system

            Over a millennia ago, the islands of Hawai'i are told to have been the highest peaks of a once larger continent, called Mu, that covered the Pacific Ocean. In these days of old, the highest peaks of Mu were called Lemuria, and were the home of beings that are told to have galactic origins. In other words, these Lemurians were descendants of the stars. (This may have a connection to the deep study of kilo hoku (star observation) and the celestial stories of kanaka maoli, but this is unverified.)

            In some accounts, Mu is told to have been overcome by water in the time of the Great Flood that is shared in the stories of many great civilizations as well as the biblical account of Noah. In the Hawaiian account of Kahinali'i (the great deluge of Hinali'i), Nu'u, a great kahuna (priest) is given divine instruction to construct a canoe that is named "he wa'a halau o ka moku" (the royal vessel) and saves his wife, Lilinoe, and three sons along with their wives by landing on the tallest summit on the planet, Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea).
*Fornander + Kepalino

            The descendants of Nu'u which date back 12 generations to Kumuhonua (the progenitor of kanaka), are the manahuna (menehune), a pigmy like people who are considered to be the forest dwellers of Hawai'i and the stonemasons of old. These manahuna (meaning "hidden power") also called the mu or mu mai'a (banana eaters) were the ancient builders of both sacred heiau (temples) and loko i'a (fish ponds), most of which are still standing today. These ancient people of Hawai'i were not only experts of their valued crafts, but were attuned with the multidimensional spiritual realm. Their spiritual culture was pre-dominantly focused upon the worship and connection to One supreme source, who's name was 'I or 'Io. 'Io, ke kumu ola (the source of life), was the foundation of ancient Hawaiian culture prior to Tahitian settlement. 'Io was the supreme, omnipotent, and all encompassing God of the Mu. It was the manahuna who embodied the common spiritual values that are still practiced today and have served as a spiritual compass for humanities healing. These foundational values of aloha, lokahi, pono, and maluhia amongst many more, were the core of manahuna existence and never ceased to thrive within the Hawaiian spiritual dynamic. 

"pa'ao represented the coming of a new era for Hawai'i"
tahitian contact & the new system


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