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the sacred path of Akua

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"he punawai kahe wale ke aloha"

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love is a spring that flows freely


At Awakened Aloha, we hold our work to the highest honor and aloha. It is a kuleana nui (great responsibility) to guide and share the sacred principles of our ancestors with others. This kuleana continues to inspire us through the vision of a healthier, more abundant, and thriving Hawai'i. We have realized since growing on the sacred path of Spirit, that we are all on different stages of our spiritual journeys; and without one another coming together in unity to uplift, support, and inspire each other, the journey can sometimes feel lonely. On the other lima (hand), we can grow profoundly with the right sacred space and supportive community around us. E Ola!

In recognizing this sacred duty that we (as Hawai'i) have to humanity, we have been given this vision to create spaces and experiences to walk with our fellow humans into the depths of the human heart and our own spiritual potential. 

Ho'oala ka mana'o, ho'oikaika ka mana
- awaken the mind, strengthen the power -

Elijah Kala McShane

discover art & images from Hawai'i artists

kaona o 'aloha 'aina

understanding the deeper lessons

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 Within this story of haloa, there are many deep lessons that are embedded within. The Hawaiian people, since their time of conception have always been deeply connected to the land as well as the spirit of the land. For the spirit and land itself are one in the same. One seen, and one unseen. Through this understanding of human to earth connection, the ultimate truth is revealed to us. And that truth is...

"We are the land, and the land is us"

The very core of our existence is dependent upon our relationship to the earth. And our relationship to the earth, in its entirety, is dependent upon the stories, perspectives, and wisdom that we decide to base our values on. In other words, if we choose to see the earth as a basic commodity, asset, or that in which we consume from, our lifestyle will be dictated by those values. On the contrary, if we see the earth as Our Mother, the Eternal Provider, our Eldest Ancestor, and the Source of our existence, our lifestyle and behaviors will reflect those sacred values. 

In the Hawaiian way of life, the Earth is Our Grand Mother, papahanaumoku. The sky father, wakea, is the protection and connection that we have to the heavens. The stars, ho'ohokukalani, is our eternal guidance through life as every great mother is to their children. Our main food source, haloanakalaukapilili (the kalo), is our eldest sibling and the progenitor of the kanaka (mankind) who offered his life to be the source of sustenance for his 'ohana (family). And lastly, our example as kanaka to live in a spirit of stewardship to the land, skies, stars, and one another is the second born, haloa he ali'i (the chief). 

Unique from many cultures across the earth, the kanaka maoli are genealogically tied to their one hanau (birthing sands, home lands). Rather than the land being solely a symbol of provision and motherhood, the kanaka see Hawai'i as a literal manifested ancestor that is connected to our piko (life center) through a blood connected genealogical tie. The lineage of our people trace back to wakea and papa, as they have laid the foundation for the many lines of chiefs that governed the pae 'aina (island chain). 

"Papa is the earth, the crust upon which floats the oceans, her ambiotic fluid; the crust that feeds the growth of coral, the placenta of ocean life. Where wakea anchors us to the universe, papahanaumoku anchors us to geography, our sacred land base." - Dr. Taupori Tangaro


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E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauao

he who takes his teachings and applies them, increases his knowledge

olelo no'eau 328

Kuleana, meaning responsibility and privilege, is a decision that we all have as humans on this planet. Whether you are a kama'aina o Hawai'i (child of Hawai'i), hoa malahini (fellow visitor/settler), or po'e haole (foreigners to Hawai'i), you carry the kuleana to malama, mahi, and ho'oulu the land you live on as well as the 'ohana (family), kaiaulu (community), and lahui (nation) that you are a part of. 

There are many ways that you can begin to aloha 'aina whether you are currently living in Hawai'i or across our honua (planet). 

Awakened Aloha
has provided some ways for you to aloha 'aina:


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